Our Vision

We believe that climate change is a defining issue of our generation. It is woven into the social, environmental, and economic fabric of our society, and the actions of citizens and those who represent them must reflect this.

Climate action means more than carbon taxes and emission offsets. Young Climate Voters BC envisions a world where climate action means standing up for the rights and treaties of First Nations, creating a clean democracy, building a secure economy and shifting beyond a dependency on fossil fuels.



Indigenous Sovereignty

Indigenous Sovereignty is the actionable embodiment of the understanding that First Nations have unduly suffered under state oppression and are deserving of dignified self-governance. 95% of the land in British Columbia’s boundaries is unceded, meaning this land was never surrendered or relinquished by the hundreds of Indigenous groups who have lived here for centuries. We stand alongside First Nations in their fight for sovereignty and call on the government to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, to respect Treaty rights and conduct relations on a government-to-government basis.




Clean Democracy

Democracy for all of us shouldn’t favor some of us. A clean democracy is one that is free from the suspicious pattern of enormous campaign contributions, which favour the corporate agenda. Elections are shaped by access to funds. Let’s set a limit on cash contributions, not to prohibit political engagement, but to level-out people’s influence no matter their bank balance.




Secure Economy

A secure economy means building a stable, fair, and green economy. This requires empowering people with the skills and tools necessary to engage in the 21st century economy by investing not only in emerging industries, but in education and job training. A secure economy is dependent on a diverse job market and an educated society. Together, by enabling people to learn and adapt and by incentivizing green business to invest in B.C., we can secure an economy that erodes the barriers to opportunity.



Beyond Fossil Fuels

British Columbia needs policy which not only treats the symptoms of today, but surmounts the challenges of tomorrow. By boldly steering our consumption away from dependencies on fossil fuels, our province can set a precedent of climate leadership for the rest of Canada. Strong policy is about more than short term profits and pipelines– it’s about our government’s responsibility to build a better tomorrow, today. It is easy to approve new infrastructure that’s built with old ideas–infrastructure like the Kinder Morgan pipeline, Pacific NorthWest LNG and Site C — but we can’t afford to settle for what is easy. In order to keep global warming below 2 degrees C, we must stop expanding fossil fuel production. It is necessary for British Columbia to immediately invest in the transition of our energy consumption to sustainable sources.   

We call on all candidates running in British Columbia’s 2017 provincial election to take bold climate action. Those who hold positions of power have a responsibility, not only to respond to the needs of their constituents today, but to build a just and secure future for all British Columbians. It is up to young voters to get involved in the upcoming provincial election and to take a political stand in support of Indigenous sovereignty, clean democracy, a secure economy, and the move beyond fossil fuels.

Together, we will vote for the tomorrow we need. Sign the pledge today.